Hack your patterns, harness your energy.

22 day, online program

Let’s leave the stop-start cycle behind.

Let’s get you to a place of consistency and flow and momentum and getting-it-done.

Let’s get you on autopilot towards all the things you want to call into your life.

You have a powerful source of energy inside of you. You’ve got a Lamborghini engine under there. Let’s start it up.

In this program we will explore:
  • The four different women inside of you (you’re not crazy, you’re magic) and how to harness the energy of each so she can drive you forward.
  • The four different cups you need to fill and now to know exactly how to fill them and when, so that you never lose momentum.
  • How to harness your energy and point it in the best direction in any given moment so you can quit flailing around and feeling like you’re not doing or being enough.
    • You and me.
    • Three and a bit weeks of pattern hacking and energetic upgrading.
    • Live workshops with instant replays.
    • Forever access to all of it.

We start on the 22nd. Jump in now to access the pre-work and begin your transformation now.

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