Seven days to an On-Purpose Life and Business

It’s time, babe.

For the love of god, it’s time.

You know it, and I know it.

It’s burning in you. It’s itching you.

You’re sick to death of this flailing and flopping from here to there. Not quite knowing… and never quite deciding which step to take next.

Because you’re so desperately craving action, but you’re waiting for a bus that ain’t coming.

You’re waiting for certainty.

It’s the one thing you’ll never, ever get while you’re sitting still.


I’m going to put something to you.

I believe what you need is a catalyst.

Something to happen that will bring it all together and form a chemical reaction.

One that can’t be undone.

And so…

I’m making you a thing, and to make it impossible for you to let your own bullshit get in the way, I’m making it free. 🤭

Everything will be happening front and centre on my Facebook page.

I’ll even message you before I go live each time if you like. Link to set that up is down thurrr. 👇🏿


Catalyst: 7 days to an on-purpose life and business.

It’s not going to happen in your SPARE TIME. You’re, kidding me, right?

We don’t make time to do things that scare us, unless our fire burns brighter than our excuses do.

Where’s your fire at?

THAT’S how we get it done. We find the fire.

So let’s find yours, yeah?


What do you need to do?

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Note: this live event is part of the launch for The Soul Biz Project – a seven-week foundation-fortifying journey which will be happening inside the Soul Biz Sisterhood from the 8th April.

Frequently asked question: is this for me if I don’t have a business yet? Yes. If you’re ready to finally make it happen, then yes it’s for you. My mission is to help the MAD ones. The ones who want to make a difference. Some of those women don’t get have an outlet or a vessel for that. I can’t say I’m for the difference makers and not provide real and tangible support for the ones who are just getting started. Peeps don’t tend to stay in newbie-ville too long with me around. So prepare yourself. If you want to do this with me, it’ll be a ride. We start Friday. Let’s do this.

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