This diary is something quite special. It is designed to help you do life in a way that is driven by your heart and nourishes your soul.

I created this diary because it is exactly what I need. It allows me to keep track of all my projects while staying in touch with who I am and what matters most.

I truly believe this; when our heart, mind and soul align, magic happens.

Let’s make every day magic.

What’s inside:

    • 200+ pages of soul-fuelled heaven
    • Sleek, handbag-able size (A5)
    • Perfect bound, hard-cover
    • Page marker ribbon
    • Full colour printed throughout
    • Daily planning
    • Daily journalling
    • Soul Modes tracking
    • Moon and womb cycle tracking
    • Day-to-an opening
    • Soul modes cheat sheets

    The diary is undated, and comes with date stickers (fun!) so you can begin your diary at any time. 

Note: These images are super clever magical mock ups designs, and the final product may very slightly
as we add our final beautifying touches.


“The Soul Seasons planner is the first planner I have found that includes both a daily to do list and a daily schedule, to allow me to really plan my days. I also love the fact there is room every day to jot down thoughts, notes and ideas. It has been a game changer in helping me stay organised while running 3 businesses.” 

Simplify Create Inspire

“How many times can I say love in one paragraph. I love love love the soul seasons planner. Its the first planner to offer the space to truly maximize my time and ability to stay on track. The fact I can track my soul modes (see soul modes by Carlie Maree ) is the biggest life hack I’ve ever found. The soul seasons planner lets me get all the gold from my head onto paper in such an inspirational way. It’s a pleasure everyday that i open it and I get so many compliments because it’s also absolutely gorgeous xxxx”

Happiness Coach and Joy Seeker

“I absolutely love the soul seasons planner! I think its so unique, even down to it being a seasonal planner 🙂 It’s the first planner I have used that combines a goal setting section with a day to a page where you can slot in your tasks into the time slots whilst also having a to do list AND space to write your thoughts/notes that may pop in which is super helpful. It also has this cool little graph to track your soul modes (if you don’t know what that is check out Carlie Maree) I LOVE how beautiful every single edition is, so pretty I don’t want to write in it at first ;)”

Life and business coach

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