Innovation. Intensity. Integrity. Impact.

Becoming iconic means becoming:

– Respected in your field
– An aspirational presence in the world
– A living symbol of what you stand for
– A walking, talking vision board to those you inspire
– A true embodiment of what you teach
– A contributor to your industry

An authentic leader has nothing to fear. If your intentions are pure, there is never anything to fear.

The person I’m calling into this program:

Is ‘up and coming’ in a big way
Has real talent
Is building momentum
Sometimes touches on overwhelm
Feels different to the rest
Has wild desires
Wants to do this ‘right’

This program is about turning wisdom into wealth, fully in integrity.

It’s a maturing. An expanding. A solidifying.

It’s a calling to step up and claim your place on the big stages.

Fame. Fervour. Flow.

We will dismantle the structures that stifle you. We’ll fortify the platform you’ll shine from.

Unapologetic ambition.

111 days.  We will see out 2020 together.

$1111 x 3

Let’s make big moves together.

What does is look like?

This is not just more content.

Its a daily energetic plug-in via Messenger.
Its weekly energetic infusion via Zoom.
Its a shared resource space.

12 spaces available.

We start Sept 12th, or the moment our 12th person enrols.