Three days ago, I thought I had two weeks to finish four assignments. Then I got an email, telling me that nope… they’re due Monday. Ouch.

Of course I freaked out. Pressure! I told Mr Maree.

He asked, “Can you get it done?”. I stopped for a moment. “Well, I can only try.”

I had allocated a chunk of time each day over the next two weeks to work on these assignments. It felt like this huge thing ahead of me, this big block in the way of anything else.

But the thing is, we so often let things become much bigger than they really are.

So, as I do when I’m feeling swamped or overwhelmed, I sat down and wrote a list. I looked at what I needed to do to get it done, and I worked out how long each thing should realistically take. And suddenly, it wasn’t actually the huge thing I’d made it out to be. I could get it done in a weekend, easy.

I flipped through my planner and crossed out all the extra time I had allowed for the assignments over the coming weeks. Suddenly my days weren’t looking nearly as full. I could schedule in a heap of other great things I’d been putting off.

Because we do that don’t we. We create barriers for ourselves. We put things off. We tell ourselves we’ll do it after this, or after that, or once the kids are at school, when we ‘find the time’.

So here I am, at 9pm Sunday night, I’ve got it done. It’s taken up all of the time I gave it. Because that’s what happens. It will always take as long as we let it.