Soul Seasons Planner: Summer 2018/19


The Summer 2018/19 Edition of the Soul Seasons Planner is here!

The Soul Seasons Planner is unlike any other planner you’ll find.

  • 260 pages of soul-fuelled heaven
  • Hard cover, wire-bound
  • Thick, high-quality paper
  • Full colour printed throughout
  • A full goal setting workbook
  • Daily planner
  • Runs December through to February
  • Soul Modes tracking
  • Day-to-an-opening
  • Weekly and monthly layouts
  • Daily notes pages

Note: Images displayed during the pre-order are design concepts only and the final edit may vary slightly in order to make sure it’s completely perfect.

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The Soul Seasons planner is the perfect planner and workbook to help you Decide + Do + Dedicate yourself to your wholehearted goals.

Order now to be amongst the first to receive the Summer 2018/19 Edition.

Not just a daily planner, scheduler and tracker – it is a full goal-setting workbook. Designed to help you do all the things while creating the feelings you desire.

This book is designed to be your treasured companion – the place where all your hopes, dreams and ideas come together in a conscious and soul-driven structure.

You will set the vision, bust the fears, and find your flow. As a trained life coach, I know one thing forsure – when we can get our heart, mind and soul aligned, magic happens.

Is there anything more enlivening and motivating than a fresh new planner? Well, with the Soul Seasons Planner you can have that feeling every three months.

Don’t wait until the new year to start fresh. A whole new season will be upon us soon. Let’s make it your best yet.