Very Beary – Hoody


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Welcome to Wild Mode.
This mode is a fantastic time for releasing that wild energy through creative outlets. Write, paint, decorate, dance, sing, shout, run – whatever feels good. You will find that if you do, you’ll be so much easier to be around.
While this mode can be challenging, it happens for a reason. It’s a time for change. It’s a time for clearing the clutter – physically, mentally or emotionally.
It’s for figuring out what isn’t working for you anymore and leaving it behind.
Just like a tree dropping its leaves in autumn to make room for the new, it’s the same for you. If you can find outlets for your inner wild woman and allow her to shed layers, create change and express who she really wants to be, she will be a force for huge growth.
Your wild woman is easily triggered, and that happens for a reason. She is there to help you make your life better by identifying what must change.
Listen to her. Though she can be a little unruly, she definitely has important things to say.

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Black, White, Grey


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