The Soul Modes


Let’s change the world together

Women are magic.

But also, we’re tired.

I’ve made it my mission to understand how women work – what drives us and what holds us back. I’ve conducted studies and gained feedback from women all over the globe on how they feel and how they tick.

Soul Modes has become a lifelong research project for me. I have dug and delved and discovered so much about this phenomenon, but also, I know there is more to uncover.

The Soul Modes message is for many. It’s for any women – or someone who loves a woman – who gives herself a hard time sometimes. Any woman who wishes she was better at things. Any woman who would love to be more consistent.

This knowledge belongs to everyone.


You will learn how to mentor and support your clients using the Soul Modes framework, how to create offerings that change the world, and you will do it all from a place of full alignment and honouring your own natural patterns. 

You will get forever access to all content, training updates throughout the year, group support to grow your Soul Modes business. 


The Soul Modes Magic course

The Soul Modes Mentor Training program

The Leader course

Soul Modes Mentor Certification

A 30 minute 1:1 certification call with Carlie


A beautiful certificate, public announcements on my socials, and a public listing on the Soul Modes webpage.
A two year licence and full permission to use a suite of copywritten and trademarked images and IP, including use of the Soul Modes name to promote your programs and mentoring.


In depth Soul Modes and mentoring trainings, including guest mentoring from three world class coaches. 


Formal endorsement from me, the creator of the Soul Modes modality and coaching framework.


Use of the Soul Modes name and resources, to build your business and your brand.

This is for you if:

   You have a understanding of the Soul Modes framework and use it in your life.

  You have an operating business and want to add to the ways you can support your clients.

  You have a deep desire to make a difference in the world.

When I first learned about Soul Modes, I was completely blown away! The description of our four energetic states, or Soul Modes, explained so much for me. There’s a reason I don’t feel like the same person from day to day…I’m not!!

I knew I had to learn more and deepen my understanding of this method. So, I signed up for the Soul Modes Mentor training and I just completed it!!

I’m so excited to add this framework to the work I do. To help women discover how to truly lead soul-led lives and tap into their magic.

Ember Lynn

When the opportunity came up to sign up for the Soul Modes Mentorship, to learn deeply about this message and be able to teach it, I jumped at it. This message feels like truth in my bones.

My heart has started exploding with possibilities and my soul has been set on freaking fire.

Embodying this message more and more as each day passes is a feeling that I can only start to articulate.

I feel in flow. I feel energised. I feel inspired. I feel on purpose.

I feel more and more like my authentic self.

And this feels like its just the beginning.

I am honoured to be able to contribute to this cultural shift.

Jessi Elliott

You're in, right?

Of course! This concept is already changing the world.

And you get to be a part of it. And have SO much fun along the way.

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