When you watch a magician, it’s mesmerising.

You gasp and wonder… How did they do that?

They make you question what you believed about what’s possible.

They seem to be able to transcend space and time. 

They expand your perception of reality.

Daily, people say to me…

How do you do it? I don’t understand how you can possibly do all that you do? How have you done it all so fast?’

This is sorcery. This is what the sorceress does.

They show the world what’s really possible. 

This program is a deep dive into sorcery, to making magic in your life.

Beliefs are not about truth. Beliefs are just computer programs in your brain. They have nothing to do with what you have proof of. They are all about what you choose to be true in your life.

I have spent years preparing to be the channel for this kind of work.

If you’ve watched me make magic, please know… this is how.

What I believe and know to be true about the universe, is what underpins everything I have created in my life.

The 100k months.
The dream home.
The happy kids.
The head-over-heels relationship.
The bestselling book.

But deeper than that…

The sense of calm.
The willingness to jump.
The ability to hold space.
The capacity to hold intensity.
The radical self-responsibility.
The exponential growth.

We create our lives, based on what we expect our lives to be.

Our expectations are the result of our beliefs.

This program is about those deeply programmed beliefs.

And it is about the patterns they are creating.

7 soul-deep shifts.
Forever access.

This program is currently self study mode and the content is accessed through a private Facebook group.
You’ll be able to connect with others who’ve completed the program and ask any questions of them, as well as Carlie of course.

A powerful container and training ground for doing life ‘like magic’. 

$222 AUD

Or gain access as part of the Mastery Pass.

Thank you, I am going to miss this, I think just realising the magic we have, believing in it and learning to trust has been key. The masculine feminine vibes and delving into that has been huge. Really amazing x ✨


I cannot believe how much you evoked within me. I knew there was a sorceress inside but wasn’t sure how to let her out.


My biggest takeaways would be a remembering that I’m connected to divine energy/the universe and that I can tap in at any time, it’s opened up my creative flow and the magnitude of possibilities of things I can create in my business, I’m more in touch with myself working with my soul modes and trusting everything will get done, my relationship has improved, my business is growing I’m getting more client’s than ever before. ✨


This has been such a magical course for me xox


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Approximately $160 USD


Approximately $1,100 USD

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