Strategy Session


Strategy Session

60 minute Strategy Session

What happens in a 60 minute strategy session with me?

Basically, we nail the whole damn thing.

We go through your entire business model, and we make it even more awesome.

We make you bingeable.
We make you buyable.
And we make you stumbleuponable.

And it’s so fun.

You might cry a little because it’s so lovely and freeing. Even I might a little too.

It’s a bit like I hold up a really special mirror and say ‘look at all this glorious magic that’s inside you’.

We dig up a few boulders along the way, so you don’t have to keep climbing over them.

And afterwards it’s much easier for you to put the magic into words that the people can plug into.

And as I said, it’s so fun.

🖤Some prep the day before
🖤A one hour call
🖤One week of follow up support

60 minute 1:1 Strategy Session
$1,111 AUD

Upon purchasing, you will receive an emailed link to book in your session.