Got baby brain?

I found the cure.

You gotta use it or lose it baby…

After my first baby was born, I was of course sleep deprived, exhausted and head over heels for my baby. I had zero headspace to even think about working.

Fast forward six months or so and I was going a little stir crazy. My self worth was dropping and I could feel my confidence in myself slowly fading away.

I soon figured out what I needed to do. I needed an outlet. And its funny, at first I felt really guilty about having one. I thought people would judge and say I should just focus on my kid. But I soon realised that the people that mattered were actually proud of me.

And the funny thing is, that when I started my little business, and around the same time my little blog, I didn’t feel any more tired. Quite the opposite.


My business and my writing gave my brain something to do. I had an excuse to want to learn things. Fascinating things that had nothing to do with sleep cycles or introducing solids.

My little business reminded me that I had some value to give. Not just to my daughter, but to the outside world. I’d almost forgotten there was a whole, real world out there.

More Than Mum was my way of documenting my own journey of discovery, but it became so much more than that. More Than Mum is now about spreading the love and helping other women find themselves again, through their own ‘little business’.

Exactly a week ago I met a gorgeous mumma at a Little Biz Launchpad workshop I was running. She has two little ones around the same ages as mine. She had a few ideas but hadn’t really done anything major with any of them. Within a few days I had an email from her telling me that she felt so inspired, she’d written pages and pages of planning and strategy and content for a business idea she’d been putting off launching for three years.

She said “I really feel that you have woken my brain up. I feel cured of baby brain. Eternally grateful to you.”

I saw her again today and she is so energised and inspired. I felt honoured and thrilled to have been a part of that for her. (And of course she’s now a member of Little Biz School and loving it.)

If you’re feeling a bit like you’re floundering around, busy but not really doing anything that lights you up, then maybe it’s time to stop saying ‘one day’. ‘One day’ it’ll be my time. ‘One day’, when the kids are bigger, I’ll do something for me.

You don’t have to wait.

You can ‘have it all’.

You can be ‘More than Mum’.

Little Biz School officially launches in 3 days. Secure your spot and use the code ‘VIP’ to get your first month for $1.