Meet the MAD ones.

Meet the MAD ones.

The make-a-difference women.

The ones hell bent on leaving the world better than they found it.

Something special is happening. A showcase.

Come and see them shining.

Let them inspire you.
Let them show you what’s possible for you.

See their fire.
Love them through their nerves and their humanness.

I’m so honoured to be standing alongside every one of these women as they unleash their magic in the world.

Every one of the speakers in this event are members of the MAD Mastermind. These are the women I coach and mentor. They support and scaffold each other, celebrate and cheer each other.

I adore every single one of them.

Throughout all of June, they’ll be sharing their wisdom inside #theMADwomen event.

1st to 6th –
Personal development

7th to 11th –
Parenting and motherhood

11th to 15th –
Wellness and body work

15th to 18th –
Art and making

19th to 23rd –
Business builders

23rd to 26th –
Spiritual sisters

27th to 30th –
Visual vibes

All the action is happening in a FREE Facebook group,
all you need to do is click below to join.

All these women are members of the MAD Mastermind, an online community for make-a-difference women. To check out the mastermind.