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Hi beauty

Here are the terms and conditions to be aware of when using this website,

I know you might be tempted to skip over these. Please read them as they set out your rights and obligations; it’s important to me that we’re both clear on all that follows.    

This website,, is owned and operated by Carlie Maree Pty. Ltd. (ACN: 642 183 775). If you have questions, please contact me, Carlie Maree, at

These terms and conditions also apply to my:

Facebook business page

Instagram page

YouTube channel


When you visit this website, use my services or purchase my products, you agree that you’re over 18 and willing to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from me.

These terms and conditions may be modified from time to time. Please re-visit regularly to ensure you’re aware of any changes.

I’ll provide you with additional specific terms of service if you’re completing the Soul Modes Mentor Certification. If there’s any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and those specific terms of service, these terms and conditions are overruled to the extent of the inconsistency.

All products and services advertised on this website are offered in compliance with Australian Consumer Law.

Content – Disclaimer

On my website, podcast and social media platforms, I share my beliefs, ideas, practices, tools, processes and business results. On my website and social media platforms, you’ll find my writing, videos and photographs.

I share elements of my life and income to show you what’s possible. This content is provided to support your growth and personal development. I also share this content to help you determine if you feel connected to me and my offerings. I often end my posts with the question: you feel me? If you feel me, you’ll know.   


My intention is always to provide valuable information but I cannot be responsible for how you choose to use the information.

Please know that the generalised information I provide on my website, podcast and social media platforms is never a substitute for individual coaching tailored to your needs and goals. My free content is not intended to help you work through complex issues.

There is no professional relationship formed between us unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my services or products.

I often share information on my business income and growth. These results reflect my experience and are provided for your inspiration. They are not a guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same results.

You may read client testimonials on my website or on social media. You may also read information on results achieved by my clients. These testimonials and results are based on the experience of my clients. Again, they are not a promise or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same results.

While I take all reasonable care to ensure that the information I provide is accurate, relevant and up-to-date, I make no guarantees in this regard and disclaim any legal liability for inaccuracy, incompleteness or error. If you find something that seems problematic, please let me know by contacting me at

At any time, I may modify the content provided on this website, my social media platforms or on my podcast, including altering or deleting it without notice.

The information I share reflects my beliefs at a given point in time. I’ve given myself permission to question things and change my mind (and I encourage you to grant yourself the same permission). I’m continually questioning my own beliefs and they’re always changing and evolving.


You have full responsibility for you. It’s your responsibility to understand your current circumstances. You’re responsible for your safety, finances, mental and physical wellbeing, choices and actions.

You’re a powerful being and I encourage you to step into your power and own this responsibility.

Tune into your desires and obtain the information you need to make choices that are right for you.

Do not act on my free content without first consulting appropriately qualified advisors who understand your situation and circumstances. Seek independent, professional advice specific to your situation and circumstances before making any major business or life changes.

You’re important. Take care of yourself.


Paid or free downloads may sometimes be available via my website. While my team and I make every effort to ensure these downloads are safe, I’m not responsible for any viruses or other damage which might occur as a result of you downloading material from this site. Please ensure you have protection against viruses and other malicious attacks that may occur.


There are links to external sites (e.g. Amazon, Spotify) on my website. I’m not responsible for any information provided on these sites, and the links are solely for your information. I do not endorse any products they offer for sale and have no relationship with them unless otherwise clearly notified. Any relationship you enter into with them is at your own risk, and I am not a party to the transaction in any way.

My Services and Products – Disclaimer

Working with me is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. There are many ways to work with me, and you can purchase my services and products through my website. These terms and conditions apply to all of my services and products unless alternative terms are explicitly stated.

I offer:

  • Online courses

  • An online membership (Formidable Women)

  • Individual business coaching

  • The Soul Modes Mentor Certification

  • My bestselling book, ‘Soul Modes’

My intention is to:

  • Empower you to see the unlimited possibilities within your life

  • Support you in creating the life you desire

  • Help you build your make-a-difference business

  • Share my beliefs on a new way of living

  • Model a new form of leadership and lead the leaders


I hold qualifications in neurolinguistic programming, management, life coaching, and have been formally trained in human resources and performance management. With nine years’ experience in personal development, I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for seven years.

As a thought leader and messenger, I’m deeply committed to my ongoing growth. I engage high-level coaches for different aspects of my life and openly share the lessons I’ve learnt and my evolution.


I’m honoured that you choose me to walk alongside you.

I feel no fear for you. I believe you’re connected to a source of infinite wisdom, love and abundance. I see all that is possible for you but I can’t guarantee a particular outcome for you.

I’ll give you tools, frameworks and ideas and I’ll share my experience… but I can’t do the work for you.

You’re responsible for your:

  • understanding of your financial situation

  • financial and business decisions

  • work on yourself

  • actions

  • business results

  • mental health

  • self-care

Doing the work is your responsibility. The power is within you. It’s all you.


I openly share elements of my lifestyle and information on my business income.

My intention, in sharing this information, is to show you what’s possible and to inspire you to tap into what you desire for your own life.

I do not guarantee the financial results you will achieve by working with me. Your results are dependent on a wide range of factors that are beyond my control (e.g. the amount of time and effort you dedicate to your business, your business model, your personal circumstances and your other responsibilities).

You are responsible for the actions you choose to take (or not take) and the outcomes you achieve. I will always encourage you to see that the power to achieve what you desire is within you.

I share information on my business income but I’m not a financial advisor or accountant and I do not provide financial advice. My services do not take the place of professional and independent advice from a financial advisor or accountant.

Please seek advice from appropriately qualified advisors before making major financial decisions.

Working with me is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. Your mental health is important. If you need help, please contact appropriately qualified professionals.

Sometimes I talk about my health. I’m not a nutritionist, dietitian, naturopath or health professional. If you need support with your physical health, please see a doctor or appropriately qualified health professionals for advice.

My services and products are primarily intended to benefit women who are interested in making a difference, building wealth and living an extraordinary life. If you feel connected to me, I’m for you.

Intellectual Property


The content of this website, my social media platforms, my podcast and the content contained within my online groups and programs are all protected by copyright, with all rights reserved.

You may not copy or reproduce any part of my content without my written consent.

Commercial exploitation of my content in any way that competes with my business is strictly prohibited.

You are welcome to share my website content or my publicly available social media content, but you must attribute the content to me and provide a link back to this website or my social media page.

If you are a participating in a membership group or an online course, content may be printed or downloaded to a local hard disk for your personal and non-commercial use only. You must not provide extracts of any content to anyone under any circumstances.


I own the registered trade mark ‘Soul Modes’ in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

‘Soul Modes’ exists as an unregistered trade mark anywhere else in the world that it is used.

These trade marks whether registered or unregistered, may not be used in connection with any other product or service without a licence, or in any way that is likely to cause confusion in the marketplace, or in any manner that disparages me or my business.

Payment Terms


When you purchase via my website, you’ll make payments via PayPal or Stripe.


All payments are made via reputable payment platforms. I never take, record or store your credit card details.


I don’t invoice my clients (though you will receive Tax Receipts). People pay me before I do the thing for them. Buying a thing is way more fun than paying a bill, right? It’s a totally different vibe. If you run an online business, you can learn all about this and more from me (check out Leader). 


Payment plans are available on some of my offerings. My payment plans are subscription payments managed via PayPal or Stripe.

If you’re taking part in a program on a payment plan and cannot continue payments, you can cancel your payments via your customer dashboard, accessed via . Your access to the content will end on the day that the next payment was due.

‘Forever access’ is a bonus that only comes with full payment. So, if you’re on a payment plan and need to cancel your payments before you’ve paid in full, please take the time to dive into the content delivered to date, before your access ends.

If you are taking part in a subscription-based program, such as a membership or mastermind, access to the content is provided based on a current subscription being active. To cancel the payments head to the ‘My Subscriptions’ section in your customer dashboard and cancel the subscription, then remove yourself from the group on the final day of the current paid period.

Delivery and Shipping


My bestselling book, ‘Soul Modes’ is available via my website. You can purchase a single book, a pack of 2 books or a box of 46 books. If you purchase via my website, shipping is available within Australia. You can also purchase ‘Soul Modes’ via Amazon Australia, Amazon US and Audible.

I charge a flat rate for shipping within Australia. Please contact my team at if you have questions about your order or shipping.


All of my services are delivered online. The platforms I use to deliver my online services are Facebook, Zoom, WordPress, MemberPress and Voxer (a free voice-messaging app).

I run my live online courses and my membership group inside of closed Facebook groups. When you purchase a live course or join my membership group, you’ll receive the link to the Facebook group via email.

All my evergreen courses are accessed via a Learning Management System, hosted inside my website. You access course content using your user name and password. When you purchase an evergreen program, you’ll receive more information via email.

If you have any problems accessing the group, please contact my team at

Appointment Policies

If you can’t attend a scheduled one-on-one session with me, please let me know as soon as you can before our session. Let me know what’s happening and we’ll work it out together.

If I need to re-schedule our session (it doesn’t happen very often), I’ll let you know and we’ll find a time that works for both of us. 

Refund Policy & Consumer Guarantees

My intention is that anyone who purchases from my business or enrols in my programs, feels that they made a great choice.  

My mission is to create experiences that are filled with pleasant surprises and exceptional outcomes. 

My programs don’t come with a guarantee of results, but they certainly come with a guarantee of quality. If you feel let down by any of my offerings, please reach out to me.

I will refund your purchase in full if you are not satisfied with your experience. If you’ve enrolled in a subscription-based program (e.g. Formidable Women), I will refund the amount you paid for your first-month trial if you’re unsatisfied with the offering.

If you have purchased an online program, access to the content will be removed on the same day that the refund is processed. I do not give permission for you to keep, save, record, store or share any of the program content for which you have received a refund.

If you have purchased a physical product, I may ask you to return the item for quality control purposes. If this happens, my team will provide the means to post it back and I’ll cover the shipping costs. 

If you’re taking part in a program on a payment plan and cannot continue payments, you can cancel the payments via the ‘My Subscription’ section in your customer dashboard accessed at . Access to the content will end on the day that the next payment was due. 

‘Forever access’ is a bonus that only comes with full payment. So, if you’re on a payment plan and need to cancel your payments before you’ve paid in full, please take the time to dive into the content delivered to date, before your access ends.

When things like this happen, the most important thing to me, is for you to walk away feeling that your entire experience with me and my team was a positive one. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to me directly at


If you’ve joined a subscription-based program (e.g. Formidable Women) you can leave at any time by ending your recurring payment in your customer dashboard . To cancel the payments, go to the ‘My Subscriptions’ section at and end the subscription, then remove yourself from the group on the final day of the current paid period.

Access to the content is provided based on a current subscription being active.

I don’t provide refunds for change of mind on subscription-based programs. If you have completed your first month trial and are not satisfied with the offering, I will refund the amount you paid for your first month trial.


If you place an order for a physical product and it’s no longer available, a member of my team or I will contact you to resolve the issue.


We might occasionally encounter technical problems. If technology fails us (e.g. Facebook is down), we’ll reschedule. 


A major problem is one which cannot be fixed or is too difficult to fix. It is something that would have prevented you purchasing the product or service if you had known about it in advance. When there is a major problem, you have the right to choose whether you would prefer to:

  • Receive a refund: if you would like to receive a refund due to a major problem, you must contact me within 48 hours of purchasing the product or receiving the service.
  • Seek compensation for the difference between the price paid and the value of the product or services actually provided: if you discover a major problem and wish to cancel your purchase after 48 hours, you must tell me as soon as you become aware of the major problem. We will determine whether you are entitled to a refund based on the nature of the problem and the time since purchase.


If you feel there’s a problem, please talk to me. Please get in touch within 7 days of receiving the product or service. Understanding your concerns is important to me, and I’d like to work with you to find a solution.


I take my obligations under Australian Consumer Law seriously and am keen to hear if you have any problems. However, if there is a problem, my liability is strictly limited to:

  • replacing the goods or providing the services again; or
  • if I am unable to do so within a reasonable time, paying the cost of having the relevant goods or services supplied to you again.
Respectful Communication


All spaces run by my team and me are safe, inclusive and welcoming. When commenting online, please be considerate of the energy you are bringing to the space.

Comments will be deleted if they are rude or offensive, and you will be removed from the space.

I reserve the right to delete your comments and block you from interacting further with my business.


All of my online programs and memberships and run within closed Facebook groups. Please refer to the ‘How we roll’ document within each group for information on how we engage with each other. 


Sometimes I collaborate with others or participate in online events.  I only work with people in this way when I feel a connection to them and their message. Content delivered by others on my social media platforms represents their opinion and I’m not responsible for their content.

Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution


If you have any concerns, please contact me and we’ll talk about it. If we can’t reach agreement, I may suggest bringing in a neutral third party (a mediator) to help us find a solution.

We agree that we won’t publicly or privately disparage each other or anyone connected with the other’s business. Rather, we’ll treat each other with respect and avoid any conduct or communication which might interfere with the business and/or personal interests of each other.

If we still can’t work it out, any disputes or arguments arising under this agreement are to be dealt with under the law of Victoria, Australia.

Privacy Policy

My team and I have the utmost respect for your private information.

Throughout the course of us communicating with each other, or working together, my company will naturally obtain information about you, such as your name, email address, program enrolments and other contact information.

We will only ever use information gathered from and about you in the ways in which they are intended to be used – for example, to get in touch with you or to provide a service to you.

We will never add your contact to a mailing list without your expressed permission. We engage an email database management provider that is GDPR compliant and we collect email addresses in a way that is transparent and clear.

We will never give your details out to third party without your expressed permission.  

All payments are processed via reputable third party processing platforms and not stored by us.

While our team works remotely, all company information and IP is stored on password protected computers and within reputable and reliable software systems. 

In the event of any kind of breach, we will do any reasonable thing we can do to let you know immediately, and to rectify the situation. 

If while we work together you engage in closed online groups, your comments or images won’t be shared anywhere outside the group without your expressed permission.  

All members of the group will be advised of this requirement, and any breaches will be rectified as best as we can, to protect your privacy. 

If you are ever worried about your privacy in regard to our business operations please contact Carlie directly at


Inclusivity Statement

Women, femmes and non-binary people are welcome, and are welcomed, in all spaces run by my company. My work celebrates ‘feminine magic’ and if you feel that within you, then my work is for you. You will be loved and held here. 

Black, indigenous, people of colour, you will be loved and held here. 

LGBTQIA+ community, you will be loved and held here.

Neuro-diverse people, those with disabilities and those with mental health challenges, you will be loved and held here. 

I am committed to continual education on inclusivity and social justice, for myself, for my team and for my clients. 

I am committed to creating diversity in my work, and encouraging the same for those who look to me for leadership. 

These are not just words, these are values that I strive to live by and model in all that I do, and the same is expected of my team. 

Harmful actions will be acknowledged, spoken about, learned from, and sought to be repaired, even when its uncomfortable or when it may lose me clients. 

I will not always get it right. But I will always strive to do better. 

My spaces are not just for ‘like-minded women’. My spaces are brave spaces, designed to foster growth. 

If you desire to make a positive difference in the world, you will be supported in my spaces to do it. 

Please have no hesitation in contacting me with any concerns at