Soul Modes is a declaration of the hidden magic that resides inside all women.


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It is a manual for doing life in a way that feels good, a way that honours our natural nature and a way that enables us to truly thrive. Women the world over are fighting against the tide, rather than riding our own waves. Women are powerful. We are here to change the world. But we are living in a society that is not set up for us to shine. This book sets the framework for a new way of living. It calls upon the reader to cultivate radical new levels of self-care, self-love, self-awareness and as a result, self-acceptance. Without beating around the bush, the author provides tangible tactics that empower the reader to uncover the intricate and sophisticated in-built guidance system that’s inside of her.

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What peeps are saying …


Absolutely fantastic!! This is a must read for any woman (and men wishing to understand their woman better!!). This concept has really shifted me up a gear in getting the most out of myself in regards to my business and everyday life. Beautifully written and an easy to understand formula, this book is my absolute fav!

For any woman in the world, soul modes is a game changer! It’s a brilliant way to look at life and know that all the roller coaster feelings and emotions we go through are completely normal and totally ok!!

This is the tool to help you gain greater clarity and let go of all the guilt and pressure around always having to be a certain way or in a certain state of high vibe energy. It gives you the permission to tune in deeply and give yourself what your soul is needing everyday.

I recommend this read to every woman and anybody who loves a woman, fantastic!





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