The logistics of leading online.


For the ones ready to do the work they came here to do.

Creating world class courses + coaching + communities…

2020 style.

💡 All the techy tools
💡 All the frameworks
💡 All the how-I-do-it-now

💫 Plus a whole lot of get-your-head-the-game

24 recorded trainings


Module 1:
– Getting your head in the game –
Your contribution to the world
Where do you want to take the people?
What does that mean for you?
Thinking, walking, talking, acting and quacking like a leader

Module 2:
– Locking in your foundations –
Online presence
Payment gateways
Personal branding

Module 3:
– Creating your offerings –
Your impact plan
Ways you can help the people
The leadership industry

Module 4:
– Leading 1:1 –
What it means to coach and mentor
Coaching tools and structures
Boundaries and agreements

Module 5:
– Leading in groups –
How to create online courses
How to create online memberships
Techy tools

Module 6:
– Creating downloadable –
Books, workbooks and bundles
Multi-purposed content
Low-end and lead-though offerings

Module 7:
– Growing like a pro –
Sustainability as a leader
Money mindset
Intentional integrity

Module 8:
– Vibing at leader level –
Showing up on socials
Launching strategy
Soulful sales
Being seen, known, loved

Plus 3 new modules to be added in Dec-Jan during the live round.

The next live round starts 1st December and the content is accessed through a private Facebook group.

The new live round includes workbooks, timestamped videos and a whole lot of great new bonuses.

You’ll be able to connect with others who’ve completed the program and ask any questions of them, as well as Carlie of course.


Here are a few words from some of those that have been through the program

Thank you so much, Carlie! Leader was exactly what I needed at the perfect time. This has been the best program I’ve ever done – felt amazing! I can’t believe how wonderful every single gal is, within the group and the greater MAD community. You’ve magnetised us together, thank you.


As a heart based solopreneur this was exactly what I was looking for. Having tried traditional marketing practices for many years I was always left feeling icky and unfulfilled. I hated the old ways of reaching out and being salesy. Leader taught me that leading with heart is more than ok it is perfect. Carlie teaches from a soulful perspective with practical steps, real engagement (so you’re never alone) and she’s a hands on coach. I’ve had plenty of experiences where coaches promise the world take your money and them leave you floundering. Not so with leader. This is for any woman who knows she has a message but isn’t sure how to get it out in a soulful non salesy way. I just loved it 💕

Leader opened so many doors for me – and are closing the ones with love that no longer serve me in business and personal life alike – I am continuing to look and learn through all the content constantly learning with energetic levels that nourish the mind and action the plan! Carlie is a leader that makes it’s easy to understand the road your travelling – This program breaks barriers, builds confidence and clarity and I thank you beautiful Carlie for an incomparable inspiring program.

Leader is amazing value – mindset shifts re social media, showing up, being seen and authentic… how to videos on getting set up and started, group coaching demo, support and encouragement within the group, coaching within the group when you hit the inevitable road blocks. And of course, ongoing modelling of leadership by Carlie the entire time!

This was supposed to be a prep course on my way to starting my ‘service in the world’ in August…. By the second week I couldn’t help but get things started in March!

Thank you so much Carlie, Leader well exceeded my expectations 🙏🏼❤️


Such a great course Carlie. 🙏 Absolute game changer!! Thanks so much… so glad I said yes, total turning point for me!! X

Sharon Joy

Thanks Carlie Maree Leader has been so confidence building for me. I’ve learned so much about my beliefs and mindset about my business plus so much of the how to stuff. It’s been the perfect mix of head and heart.

Vanessa Kelly

I am currently up to week 3 content in leader and it’s amazing!! I’ve been applying the vibes to myself and how I am showing up and I’ve already made back the money I spent on your course.


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