Come create a legacy with me.

Let’s reveal the gift that you really are to the world. 

If you are feeling the gentle tug of a book in your heart, know this…

You’re about to embark on a process that will change you.
It will grow you. It will shape you. 
It will take you deep into the barely touched levels and layers of your work.

You will find yourself elbows deep in what you came to do.
You’ll find yourself brought to tears at just how big the work you’re here to do is.
You’ll meet yourself, time and time again, as you allow this creation to be birthed. As it flows from your soul to the screen.
Your hands will weave a tapestry of words across pages and pages of what will begin to build your legacy. 

A social post comes and goes.

A book lives on. It is a timeless creation that takes on a life of its own.
Each copy a tiny soldier for your cause. Finding its way into hearts and onto shelves, as treasured companions. 

A book can be an anchor in a storm. An island in swirling seas. 

A book is a gift to the world. 

Are you ready to set yours free?

The program includes:

Support with preparation, planning, polishing and publishing

9 x core skill-builder trainings 


This program is facilitated by me, Carlie Maree. I’m a #2 Wall Street Journal bestselling author. I achieved the #1 for Self-help for Amazon in both the US and Australia. 

I am part way through a Bachelor in Writing and Publishing and have worked with some of the best in the business. I’ve been blogging since 2014 and I have learned a thing or two about putting powerful words together.

My book has grown my business exponentially, and I would love to see yours do the same for you.

Book writing is powerful work. It will stretch you and it will uncover parts of yourself you haven’t yet met. 

I am honoured to hold the container for you to do that within.

Are you ready for this ride? 


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I knew there was a book in me and I knew the topic. What I didn’t know was how I was going to get from “idea” to “it’s finished” without giving up and throwing it in the bin first.
Being part of Legacy with Carlie’s experience and guidance was what made the difference. I probably would’ve got there myself in the end, but it would’ve been a much harder slog. I needed that book out of my head and into the hands of the women and parents who need it.
“Mama, You’re Not Broken: Unmasking the Unspoken Emotions of Modern Motherhood” is my gift to the mamas and future mamas of the world. With so many of us under lockdown right now, we need all the love we can get.

Anna Cusack

Author, Mama, You're Not Broken

Being in the legacy group was the perfect ally for me while writing my book! The course gave me energy, inspiration and the accountability I needed to get the crazy, beautiful thing DONE.

Tamica Wilder

Author, Wild Honey

Legacy kicked me into writing gear to finally write a book! I always knew I would write a book but Carlie’s course made it happen. It felt very supportive to be part of a group writing together and the accountability sessions kept me on track. I wrote 50000 words in three months inside the Legacy container. Thank you Carlie for helping my dream come true.

Bronte Spicer

Author, It's Okay to Cry

Legacy: pay in full
$23 AUD

You have the option to add 1 monmth 1:1 support via Voxer to your experience.

Legacy + 1:1 Support
$230 AUD

You have the option to add 1 monmth 1:1 support via Voxer to your experience.