I love short self-help books. The ones you can carry around with you, or finish in a weekend.

My first book, Soul Modes, was 28,000 words. I wrote it 500-ish words at a time, 500 words is basically a long Facebook post.

Books don’t have to take forever to write. You can easily get a small book drafted within 6 weeks if you write each day.

Together we will prep for, and plan out your tiny non-fiction book.

This workshop is happening as part of the launch of the ‘Legacy’ book writing mastermind group.

A do-it-together workshop for born-to-be leaders.

This is a replay of a live workshop that was conducted on 24th August, 2021.

Jump in to access the recording of the workshop.

You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can share any follow up questions or queries and further connect with others who are on the book writing journey.

Write a little book
$33 AUD

About Carlie Maree

Carlie Maree is the master of motivational intelligence.

She’s a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, online educator, renegade researcher, sought-after speaker and creator of the binge-worthy podcast ‘Genius Unleashed’.

With her bold teachings and revolutionary frameworks, she empowers women all over the world to live differently.

She has a deep understanding of how women work - what motivates us, what drives us, and what holds us back.

And since coming out in 2019 with her ground-breaking book and Netflix-style documentary, she’s holding nothing back.

This woman is the real deal. She’s here to change everything.