(Organically) standing where they can see you.


(Organically) standing where they can see you.


10 weeks.
10 big, bold, brand building projects.

All designed to get you (organically) standing where the peeps can see you.

1️⃣ Nail your bio, make it punchy, and update it everywhere. You’ll want a short version, a long version and a micro version. A first person one (I, me) and a third person one (she, her) for when you’re being profiled. You’ll need it for all the points that come next.

2️⃣ Articles. Pick five topics you know you can add value on, and pitch articles to all your favourite magazines and online blog sites. I did this early on and got my first 1k followers very quickly.

3️⃣ Podcast interviews. Each week I apply to go on other people’s podcasts. I have it down to a fine art and it is one of the funnest and easiest brand building activities I do.

4️⃣ Guest mentoring in groups. Lots of peeps run groups full of the kind of people who would love your stuff. And they are looking for guest mentors to come in and bring value to their peeps. That can be you.

5️⃣ Online events. You may be here right now because you came to an online event I ran. You might have already been following one of the speakers and then discovered my page as I was the organiser. I’ve run five big online events and they’ve been huge for creating spikes in my likes.

6️⃣ A special day, a movement or an awards event. Have you seen National Be Kind Day? The Inspiring Mum of the Year Awards? The MAD Woman Awards? #cardhugs months? All normal people doing extraordinary things. You can do that too. It’s not as hard as you think.

7️⃣ Linkedin. It’s not stuffy and lame anymore. As a podcaster or speaker, it’s gold. You can make some great connections there are seek out some awesome speaking gigs.

8️⃣ Headshots, cover photos, featured photos. Paula Ivy will be joining us this week to get your visuals sorted.

9️⃣ Collabs. I pop up in other peoples courses. They pop up in mine. Right now I’m running a course with two of my clients. We all get exposure to each others audiences, and we get to create really unique and extra valuable experiences for our peeps. So cool.

🔟 Shareables. My favourite way to get spikes in likes. Make a thing that people want to share. I have SO much to say on this. I am so excited to get started!

This is the ‘putting-yourself-out-there’ course.

Are you ready for some #spikesinlikes?

Let’s do this.

This program is currently self study mode and the content is accessed through a private Facebook group.
You’ll be able to connect with others who’ve completed the program and ask any questions of them, as well as Carlie of course.
Here are a few words from some of those that have been through the program
This is so bloody good Carlie. To be honest, I thought Bios was going to be such a snooze fest- like something you just have to do because you need to have a bio so you sit through a training. I should have known you would find a way to even make this stuff great and that nothing with you is ever boring or something to just get through. I seriously just feel so excited for business after all this and I have so many ideas!
Melissa McLean

I cannot believe the great response I have gotten from my first article.
I posted it on my personal page something I haven’t done in the past with blogs. I also got an email from one of the editors at Elephants Journal saying that they liked my piece 😍
I am adding writer to my bio.

Philippa Menere

Natural & Nice with Philippa

It’s such an awesome course! One of the best I’ve ever done.


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Approximately $512 USD

Approximately $1,495 USD

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