This program is delivered in three parts – OPEN + LAUNCHING WITH LOVE + SOLD. 

This is a collation of three foundational programs on money, selling and launching. 

I created these courses around when I hit the magical ’six figure year’ mark in my business. 

If you want to be super comfortable with sharing your awesomeness in the world and being paid well for it, this is for you. 


Let’s talk about money.

You’ve got value to give.
If you’re not giving it, let’s talk about that.
If you’re holding negative vibes around being paid well, let’s talk about that too.
If you’re resenting other people for being paid well, that might be a hint that it’s time to make some shifts.

6 X x video trainings



What’s the thing that’s inside you, desperate to get out?

What’s the thing that keeps tapping you on the shoulder?

What’s the message you’ve been given that needs to be shared?

You know it. Deep down, you do.
It’s time to get the hell out of your own way and do the thing.
Launch it. Create it. Say it. Show it. Share it.
Give us what you’ve got.

4 x video trainings. 



Non-skeezy sales strategies for soulful sisters 

You don’t have to be a skeezy a-hole to grow a business.
You don’t have to be ‘salesy’ or ‘a marketing-type person’ to have success in your biz.
You just don’t.
You can grow a thriving business being exactly who you are, doing only things that feel good. I do. And I love it.

6 x video trainings

Content is accessed via a membership site. 

Sales Queen, Money Machine: pay in full
$23 AUD