Welcome to a whole new way of thinking about, feeling about and being on the internet. 

‘Show Up and Shine Online’ is a bundle of two of my most loved online programs, both of which are designed to get you stepping up your online presence. 

Program 1: ‘Say it Sister’

‘Say It Sister’ is an energetic infusion leading to an explosion of action…

To build your business ~ blog ~ brand.

To make your impact. To make your mark.

Over 10 sessions, we will:

  • Figure out what you’re ACTUALLY here to say
  • Find your voice. Your real, true, truest, real-est actual voice – that’s yours, that’s unique and that can make an impact in this world
  • Speak and write in a way that reaches people, that moves them, that calls forth your soulmate clients/community/customers
  • Communicate in a way that is effortless, that flows, that lifts you up and clears your creative channels
  • Break the dam wall that is holding back all your good stuff, so it’s not so hard to think of things to say

Your message matters.

Your message is what can magnetise the masses.

We will open + clear + expand the channels in which your creative ideas pour in – because guess what, those ideas are what creates your abundance.

Program 2: ‘Sensation’

‘Sensation’ is about shining your light on social media.

Aka: That sweet spot between sorcery and strategy, to find your groove online.

Over five sessions, we will dive deep into:

  • Showing up on a whole new level, while staying smart and feeling safe being seen
  • Creating a great big open channel for a stream of daily ideas to pour through
  • Managing multiple platforms and creating layers of content like a boss
  • Finding your unique voice and making a valuable contribution to the online world
  • Building a following of raving fans, fast

All of this and more, created by me, Carlie Maree, sought after business coach and experienced content creator.

I run a multiple 6-figure business online, 100% organically. Not a paid ad in sight.

You get immediate+lifetime access to ALL the video trainings.

Note: This bundle is most suited to those who are establishing a presence online. I made these courses when I was just reaching my ‘six figure business’ stage, and they have been absorbed and loved by many who were dabbling online at the time, and then make huge leaps in building an audience soon after. Some who have done many of programs, and said that these were the most pivotal for them at the time. 

These teachings will serve you in many ways, to build your confidence and your community.

Content is accessed via a membership site.

Show Up & Shine Online: pay in full
$23 AUD