Are you ready to create a powerful and profound presence online?

This program is delivered in three parts – MAGNETIC + CALL TO ACTION + CONTENT CREATION QUEEN. 


Be your brand’s greatest asset.

It’s time to come out from behind the veil, honey.
Your business needs you to. The days of hiding behind a logo are over.
You can be your brand’s greatest asset.
This is not just a course on personal branding, but a course on
authenticity. A course on courage. A course on showing up. 
My business is me. I am my business. And that’s why running it is so damn easy. I’m so excited to show you how. 
‘Magnetic’ will give you the courage to show up in a big way so that your business can be all that you want it to be. 

9 X x video trainings



Mobilise a movement, monetise your message.

You don’t need anyone’s permission.
You get to do the things.
You’re allowed to have a message.
You’re allowed to start a movement.
You’re allowed to mobilise people.
Oh, and guess what.
You’re even allowed to make money. *gasp*
Whether you know it or not, your business stands for something.
‘Call to Action’ is where we get really clear on what that is and use it to magnetise people to your brand and do good in the world.
You will nail your message, create a movement, and make money in the meantime.

5 x video trainings. 



Consistently create killer content (that cuts through)

Are you ready to become a content creation queen?
Do you want to know, in your heart, that you’ll be never run out of valuable things to say for your ever growing community of followers online?
Do you want to be able to bring the goods on social media every damn day AND have so much to sell that it just keeps pouring out and your pen can’t keep up?
I built a six-figure business purely through making great content for social media that inspires people to take action. This is the course in which I share the exact processes that have used to write great posts, make engaging videos and get past my own fears.

Tangible tactics. Inspiring ideas. Practical processes. Forever access.
Learn how to show up online in a way that builds your following and your income.

4 x Core Trainings
2 x BONUS Trainings
30 x Content Prompts

Content is accessed via a membership site. 

Stand Out Brand: pay in full
$23 AUD