Lately I’ve been feeling a little ‘held back’ and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. Someone suggested to me that my inner child might be grieving the ‘happily ever after’ that I had thought I was going to have. I decided to write my inner child a letter, and imagined giving her a big hug as said these words to her.

Little Carlie,

I know that you dream of happily ever after, of the way things are supposed to be when you grow up… I need you to know that it’s not going to be exactly like that.

It’s going to be much more special.

Things will happen that totally surprise you, and at times you might feel a little afraid. People might let you down and not do the things that they promised.

I want you to know that it doesn’t matter. Because what matters is the promises you make to yourself.

You are so much more powerful than you know. You will doubt that sometimes, but just know that everything that happens is all a part of the process of making you into who you’re destined to be.

You’ll be different. You’ll break moulds and prove society wrong. They’ll expect certain things of you but please know that your worth is not dictated by a set of stereotypes.

You’ll get labels that you never wanted. You’ll get put into categories that you have judged others for being in. It will teach you understanding and empathy. It will teach you that there is always so much more to a person’s story that the assumptions we make about them.

Love is supposed to be this really simple thing, but you’ll discover that its actually very complicated and confusing. And that sometimes the people that come into your life and turn it upside down, will bring you as much pain as joy.

Please don’t regret any of your choices. They all had to be made. They are all a part of the story.

Your story won’t fit into a neat little box. It’s way too wild and sparkly for that. Not everyone will love your sparkle, some will find it a little too bright or a bit too messy. That’s ok, because as you move through life you will meet others whose spirit dances in tune with yours.

You’ll create life. Beautiful life, from within your body. It will be special but it will also rock your core and crack you wide open. It will change you, and your new life will begin.

It will be hard, all of it. But there are hidden angels around you, guiding you. Your mum is one of them. Treasure her, there will be times when she puts your pieces back together.

Little girl, I just want you to know, I believe in you. You have everything that you need within you and around you, to live a very beautiful life.

Rise above the muck when it sucks you in, shake it off your wings. Keep shining your light because there are others that need it. You’ll show them that they have light too.

It’s all going to be ok little girl, in fact its going to be quite beautiful.