As a life+career coach working with women, I make it my business to stay across what’s happening in the ‘network marketing’ or ‘MLM’ world.

Every day in my newsfeed I see those familiar posts, usually full of emoticons, promising huge financial rewards, freedom of time, making heaps of friends, even all expenses paid overseas trips.

I can see how enticing this all might be for say a mother who is perhaps feeling a bit isolated at home with bubs, needing both stimulation and some extra income. Or anyone who is feeling a bit lost, unable to find a job that really fulfills them.

And to those women, I have one thing to say…

There is nothing wrong with choosing that option.

Just please, please, please… go in with eyes wide open. Ask questions. What will it cost you to get started? Will you need to recruit other reps to earn a worthwhile income? What is the success rate of other reps? Is it a genuine financial opportunity, or is it just going to be a potentially expensive hobby?

Lots of people do really well in some of these programs, but plenty also end up disappointed and out of pocket. I’ve seen it many times and it can be heartbreaking.

If you are going to sell a product successfully you HAVE to feel desperately passionate about it. You also need to be comfortable putting yourself out there and selling to people. It takes lots of courage and persistence and you may find that there are a tonne of other people out there selling that exact same product as you. You have to be innovative and tenacious. That style of doing business is not for everyone.

Now here’s a thought for you…

IF IT IS – if you ARE a kick-ass sales person and feel passionately about a certain type of product – then why not go out on your own?

You’ll often find that with a little research you could find a decent wholesaler, create your own brand and have full control over your own business. With ALL profits going to you, rather than the bulk of it going to some huge multinational company.

If you have what it takes to really succeed and go far within an MLM company, then you may very well find that you can go even further in your own business.

Again, running a stand-alone business also takes work and investment to set up, but there is plenty of support out there and you might find that it’s not as hard as you think. Every big business had to start somewhere, quite often as one person operating from their lounge room at home.

I am not trying to talk you out of the MLM thing. For some people it’s the perfect option, but I just wanted to remind you of something first.

You are powerful, and capable and smarter than you think.

When you’ve been home with a baby for some time, or floating around the job market, it can be very easy to forget that.

There are lots of women out there paving the way, setting amazing examples of what we can achieve when we have passion and support each other. I’m in a networking group for mums in business and I am constantly floored by the incredible products and services they are putting out there to the world.

If there’s one thing I want you to take from this, its that you have full permission to do whatever it is that you want to do.

Do not let your own inner critic get in the way. Don’t stay small because you’re afraid to grow or stand out. Do a little digging and see where it leads you. You just might surprise yourself.

Much love, Carlie.

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