Everything hurts right now, I know. That person who vowed to stick by you, has let you down.

It hurts to breathe. It’s hurts to remember. It hurts to think. It all hurts like hell.

You feel sick and lost. I know and I’m sorry.

I want to tell you something that may sound strange.

You my beautiful friend, are not broken. Your heart, it is not broken. Its bruised and its battered and its wounded like you didn’t think possible, but it is not broken. It still beats. As long as your heart is beating you can and will survive this. You will heal. I promise you that.

Things will not be the same, you’re right. But that is ok. It’s not supposed to be the same. We are supposed to grow and change and learn and evolve and its not supposed to be easy.

This is the beginning of a journey that you have not chosen for yourself and that you have not prepared for. You have no map, but know this, you are safe.

There is no rush to replace your old plan with a new one. Take a moment to breathe. Take this opportunity to look at all the pieces of yourself spread out on the floor and reflect on how you’d like them to go together now. Don’t rush it.

Take good care of all the pieces. You need to find love for yourself like never before. Dig deep, it is there.

You are multi-faceted. You are powerful and you are equipped. Your inner child, she needs care and assurance. Your inner critic, she needs acknowledgement and boundaries. Your inner warrior woman, she needs permission and freedom. Your innate feminine, she needs to be embraced, held and nurtured. You will learn so much about the different parts of yourself as they work together to guide you.

Listen – and I mean really listen – to what your heart, body and soul need from you in each moment. And give it, above all else.

You are going to be ok. It’s hard to believe that, I know. You are still feeling blind and lost, stuck in a black hole that your limbs can’t seem to climb out of.

But time is your friend. You will smile again. You will feel happiness deeper than before.

There will be love in your life. It may come from places you don’t expect. You will be armed with so much wisdom on the other side of this, and because of it you will make decisions that serve you.

You will be ok my beautiful friend. Your heart will be whole again. Until then, and always after, I am here.