Let’s go on a journey together.

12 months.
ALL my signature courses.

Dive in, head first.

You will get access to 10 powerful online programs.

LEADER – Be buyable
MESSENGER – Be bingable
REACH – Be stumble-upon-able

EVOCATEUR – Modern day entrepreneurship
CALIBRE – Pure allure, personified
CREAM – Wealth wisdom for gifted women

SORCERESS – Do life like magic
VISIONARY – Live your masterpiece

MAGIC – A truly divine life

LEGACY – Write your book, your way

Courses in BOLD are already made and available to begin now.

Magic will run in March 2021, and the rest are scheduled for release throughout 2021.

This is based on the ‘penciled-in’ plan and may evolve as the year goes on, of course.

You will have access to each of the courses throughout the 12 month period that you are enrolled in Mastery Pass.

You will learn ‘all the things’ and will have options to upgrade to 1:1 support on a per-program basis.

For an additional $3333 AUD you can add on 12 months in Formidable Women,
which is where you can access weekly group coaching,
as well as monthly events, including two online retreats.

For an additional $3333 AUD you can add on 12 months in Formidable Women, which is where you can access weekly group coaching, as well as monthly events, including two online retreats.

Mastery Pass – Add access to all signature courses for 12 months

Once you’ve bought your spot, head on over and join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/masterypass2021