Mastery Pass

🔑 The Mastery Pass 🔑

This is for you if you want to dive in head first.

The Mastery Pass gets you instant access to five of my signature courses.

L E A D E R : 8 week course on the logistics of leading online – this is where I teach the ‘buyable’ piece.
Valued at: $477 AUD

R E A C H : 10 week course on (Organically) standing where they can see you – the stumbleuponable piece.
Valued at: $722 AUD

M E S S E N G E R : 6 week course on social media marketing – this is the ‘bingable’ piece.
Valued at: $388 AUD

SOUL MODES MAGIC : 12 part self-mastery program, built around the Soul Modes framework
Valued at: $388 AUD

S O R C E R E S S : 7 week immersion on making magic in your life.
Valued at: $322 AUD

For six months, you get the master key to all of these courses.

Or get the Voxer VIP upgrade which includes 1:1 studio support via an audio app that you can use to message me on, anytime.

This is a really cost-effective option because you’re ‘renting’ the courses rather than buying them. You get ‘the master key’ to everything while you’re enrolled. It’s a great way to get yourself to ‘do the work’.

Are you ready to do the work?

Let’s do this.